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The goal of Football North is to be the best student-athlete based football program in Canada. In the pursuit of excellence, the student-athletes will be leaders in the classroom, community, and on the football field. Continually focused on education, teamwork, innovation and competition, Football North’s financially sustainable model will allow investment into elite and safe coaching techniques, in-season and off-season player development, and competition against the top United States high school programs. The program will strive to become a top 100 ranked high school football team in North America


Provide high school football players an elite school and football experience from a Canadian location, allowing them to achieve their academic and athletic goals.


Excellence – extraordinary performance in the classroom, community, and on the field. Players will be high level achievers in academics, acquire valuable skills and demonstrate good citizenship.

Competitiveness – learning to be more successful than others by performing at an elite level at all times.

Leadership – becoming young transformational leaders by being ideal role models, inspiring, motivating, and engaging others, and challenging other leaders to be innovative and creative.

Teamwork – working well together in difficult circumstances to achieve a collective goal.

Parent Testimony

My son transferred to Clarkson Football North half way through the school year at the start of the second semester in 2018. He is a kid who doesn’t find school easy due to learning challenges but is motivated to succeed so he can play football and work towards his dream. He understands the connection between grades and his ability to play and be successful in football after high school. He did well in his first semester at a different school in Oakville but this was due to hard work, support at home and his own motivation. In his second semester at Clarkson he did even better with his school work and grades. I am very impressed with how the Special Education department handled his IEP and figuring out very quickly how to support and help him be successful in his school work. Taking input from myself and my son they have come up with strategies and a plan to ensure that he has all the tools in place to develop and be successful in his academic future. From my experience dealing with a grade school and one semester at a different high school Clarkson Secondary School definitely has provided the best and most thorough academic support and really seems to care about helping my son succeed.
- Heather Lutz